8 Search Engines Besides Google

 Search Engines Nowadays, technological developments make us internet users sometimes don’t want to be bothered with various things, especially when looking for something. For that you must have a search engine other than Google if at any time the service does not operate properly. As we know, dancing engines can make it easier for anyone to find important information and data, where you only need to enter search keywords to find the information you want.

If previously you were used to using Google and only knew the service, now you have to grow and look for other search engines to make the search process easier. Formed in 1998, Google is currently one of the main search engines used by around 78% of internet users.

It’s just that the data security that you provide will be recorded and spread to advertisers. If you feel insecure, you can try using other search engines which are of course safe to use and have the advantage of supporting the activities you do on search engines.

List of Search Engines Other than Google that are Safe to Use


The first search engine that you can use is Yahoo Search. This service is no less interesting for you to try. Yahoo Search was created in 1995, where this service became one of Google’s competitor services in the early 2000s. This service itself has other services that you can use, such as Yahoo! Mail, Sports, Finance, and many more which of course you can use in real-time.

Interestingly, currently Yahoo! already working with Microsoft and Bing to provide more relevant search results, you can see this from the similarities in the features of the two services. Yahoo Search also has a simple interface like Google, so you can use it easily without needing special guidance.

Bing – A Search Engine Other Than Google

The next search engine besides Google that you can use is Bing. This one service offers various types of information that you can find on one start page which is similar to the previous service. The information you get is in the form of pictures, videos, to news related to the keywords of the information you are looking for. Bing itself has a start page appearance similar to Yahoo Search, where the background is not static. You can also find a menu to access Microsoft programs in this service because Bing has been working with this service for a long time.


DuckDuckGo is one of the next search engines that you can use. This application has a high level of security, where they have the tagline “Privacy, Simplified”, which means this service will guarantee the privacy of the data you provide when searching, so that the search you do will not be detected by advertisers.

Interestingly, with this service you can search for whatever you want without fear of any harmful viruses or malware attacking the device you are using. But, you still have to be careful when opening a site that you don’t know the security of.


The next search engine besides Google that you can use is Yandex. This service is an example of a machine made by Russia. They are committed to helping consumers run their business in the online and offline world more freely. Yandex offers a variety of superior features as a substitute for Google. You can also use this service not only to search for information, you can also display other services on the search start page such as images, videos, email, translators, to App Metrica.


No less interesting with other search engine services. You can also use Baidu to find information easily. In fact, Baidu is claimed to be China’s search engine because this service has controlled more than half of the market share in China since 2018. Bidu also offers a YouTube replacement video watching service, known as Bilibili. You can also use this search engine to learn Chinese, because all the lengths are in the Han script.


As the name implies, this service originates from Switzerland. Swisscows is a committed search engine service, where they really care about the data security and privacy of their users. Just like Google, this service also displays search results based on general information, images, music, news, videos, to translators. Apart from that, Swisscows also offers the Swisscows Digest service, where the service is in the form of a machine that will extract information from an article and divide it into keywords in the form of important paragraphs.


Then there is StartPage. This service claims that they store their own personal data safely and are not stored in Big Data. So they really guarantee that they will not retrieve data that users input in search engines. Interestingly, the StartPage search engine buys the search feature provided by Google and has the facility to remove personalized ads. That way, you can search for anything via StartPage without fear of being detected.


In the last line, you can take advantage of Ask. Even though currently Ask.fm is controlled by Ask.com, these two websites are different. If you use the Ask.fm search engine, you will be presented with a social media-like appearance. Where the search results issued by this service are also divided into two types, namely general information or videos. Those are some search engines besides Google that you can use and of course it’s safe and free. But make sure the internet connection you have is stable when using it.