Apple Boosts MR Software Capabilities

Apple Boosts MR Software: Apple is rumor to be introducing its mix reality headset in 2023. And recent reports reveal that the Cupertino-headquartered company is in its final stages. Apple is working to resolve issues related to content and software, and now there is a job opening to join the Technology Development Group, the party that developed the headset. Key executives. Both former and current. Were transferr to the mixed-reality project. Codenam Oak. Dave Scott, former Apple senior manager and member of the autonomous car development team, has now joined the headset team.

Yaniv Gur. Who has work with Apple for 20 years as Senior Director of Engineering. Was also assign to develop a suite of productivity applications for the mix reality headset. Today, Apple is a talent pool that can develop tools and frameworks to enable connected experiences in the 3D mixed-reality realm, as well as talent that can create digital content for Augmented and Virtual Reality environments.

The new mixed-reality headset is expect to compete with Facebook’s efforts towards the metaverse.


The product. Which will be launch in 2023. And will target pro users and developers at the start of its launch. Previously, the partial closure due to the implementation of Zero Covid regulations in China had an impact on the production of the iPhone 14 Pro series. To address the labor shortage, Apple’s partner, Foxconn, plans to quadruple the number of workers at its India factory.

The move will increase the number of workers at Foxconn factories in India from 17,000 to 70,000 workers. This major expansion will take about two years since it was report. so it is judg that it will not solve the crisis that Apple is currently experiencing. Meanwhile, USD 450 million (Rp 6.9 trillion) funding in Globalstar, a satellite service based in the United States, enabled Apple’s Emergency SOS via Satellite feature.

which will be available on the iPhone 14 line at the end of November, to be active.

This funding is secured through Apple’s Advanced Manufacturing Fund and will be allocated towards critical upgrades to Globalstar’s network of satellites and Earth stations. The station has been equipped with a high-powered antenna by Cobham Satcom in California.