How to Upload Videos to YouTube

How to Upload  Video content is at the core of YouTube as a platform. If users don’t upload videos, YouTube has no function in the current media landscape. Since 2005, YouTube has become the second most visited site in the world, behind Google.

Content creators have been able to make YouTube a livelihood by posting popular

sometimes iconic videos. If you want to contribute to this platform, here are the first steps, namely uploading a video.

Upload videos to YouTube Desktop

Regarding customization and formatting, YouTube allows you to enhance your videos. You can add SEO-friendly titles and descriptions, set specific audiences, set the timing of video publishing, and so on.This allows you to assert ownership of the content and gives it a chance to be successful. If the video doesn’t work, you can always change it.

1. From the YouTube Home page, click the Create button at the top.

2. Click Upload videos.
3. In the Upload video box, click Select Files which will display File Explorer.
4. Find and open the video you want to start uploading.

Once the upload process has started,

you need to fill in the information in the Details, Video elements, Checks, and Visibility boxes for the video before publishing it. If you do all the steps correctly, you can increase your optimization value and build your audience quickly.

Upload videos from the YouTube Android and iOS apps

If you’re not near a computer but still need to maintain an upload schedule, you don’t need to worry. You can always upload videos directly from your smartphone, as long as you have the YouTube app.

1. Open the YouTube app on Android and iOS devices.

2. Tap the Create button which appears like a plus sign in a circle.
3. Select Upload a video.

Give the video a title and description.

You can also add Public, Private, or Unlisted as visibility options, video locations, and the type of playlist or playlist where you want the video to be stored, then press Next. On the Select audience page, add an age parameter for the video. If the video content may not be appropriate for all audiences, select No, It’s not made for kids.

Select Yes,

it’s made for Kids if the video content is intended for all age categories of viewers. If the video contains content related to adults, you can restrict videos by age. Press Upload Video when ready. The video will start uploading, and you can follow the upload progress in the Library tab at the bottom.

Tap the Library Tab then access Your Videos to view the videos after they finish uploading.