New typeface from Order is composed of forms inspired by

Built by Emily Atwood and mastered by Alphabet Sort, Etude joins the ranks of typefaces at Order, a professional design agency set up by Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth. Taking its identify from the French verb ‘├ętudier’, which is rooted in the meaning of ‘study’, Etude is affected by broad nib pen marks and the work of French illustrator and scribe Jean-Pierre Rousselet.

This inspiration manifests alone across a few unique weights in the Etude type loved ones. Cascading from Mild via to bold, Etude crescendos from comfortable and delicate types to loud and a lot more notable strokes on the web site.

Emily describes that Etude started out with the design and style of a translation distinction textual content typeface for sheet new music notation. Throughout this approach, she seen that typefaces and glyphs personalized toward tunes notation ordinarily observe the “expansion distinction” design. It suggests that the thicks and thins are a lot more vertically oriented. And it wasn’t right until identifying the broad, calligraphic tunes notation Hermann Zapf that she realised it could continue being practical and recognisable.

“As I seemed further into the heritage of songs notation, it was crystal clear that some of the initial handwritten examples of audio utilised the broad nib,” she describes. “The sq. and diamond-shaped tunes notes that danced across the web site were being accompanied by a special calligraphic stencil.

“The a lot more amazing examples of handwritten stencil new music notation are by French Illuminator and Scribe Jean-Pierre Rousselet from the early 18th century. Rousselet’s liturgical manuscript for King Louis XV in 1719 demonstrates stencilled varieties that are described by exposed calligraphic exit and entry factors. This was as opposed to a regular broken stencil that is a spinoff of a roman for the reason that it exposed the construction of the letterform alternatively than breaking it.”

Other historic factors of reference which assisted to generate Etude have been the broken stencil illustrations from Louis Simmoneau’s engravings from 1701 and Fred Smeijers’ chisel-lower brass stencilled people. The beginning of the sketching and digitising process was spent producing a development logic for Etude, which could then be used across the total typeface.

“The overarching conceit turned fairly straightforward in that thin entry factors would start at the major remaining and transfer clockwise, and thick entry points would also commence at the leading left and shift in a counter-clockwise route,” Emily reveals.

“It was vital that this stencil celebrated the entry and exit points of a stroke and that the movement of the pen would be apparent in every letter. Formally, Etude began to choose up on the delicate chiselled character of letterforms reminiscent in Hermann Zapf’s Musica Roman and the calligraphic, interrupted sorts of Jean-Pierre Rousselet’s get the job done.”

From below, the hand-stencilled letterforms and stencilled brass cuts of her inspiration ended up drawn on to generate a custom made drafting stencil place. Emily provides that this means: “The main shapes of the Etude typeface can be made use of to attract the comprehensive upper and lowercase Latin alphabet.”

The final result is an exquisite, flowing typeface with a great deal of chunky heft. This helps make it multipurpose ample to suit a variety of makes use of outside of the ken of its inspiration points, even though we are guaranteed musicians particularly will get a kick out of Etude’s charms.

Etude is obtainable to download and trial now as aspect of a desktop, net or app license from the Order site. And if that hasn’t quenched your thirst for all things Etude and Order, then be positive to look at out the foundry’s new merchandise store. It incorporates a complete host of solutions these types of as caps, T-shirts and stencils decked out in eye-catching typefaces, which includes Etude. We have received our eyes on the Pastiche Shirt, complete with a putting interrobang.