Yandex Russian Search Engine?

Yandex Russian Search Internet users are certainly no strangers to Google’s search engine service, which originates from the United States. But what about the Russian Yandex search engine? Have you ever heard of it? Let’s get to know what is the Russian search engine Yandex?

Launching the official Yandex website, Yandex is a technology company from Russia that provides various business services. Starting from search engines, online and offline business navigation, transportation, e-commerce, online advertising, to mobile applications. In total, the company has 70 services that have been developed since 1997. In addition, Yandex also has more than 30 offices and employs more than 18 thousand people worldwide.

Now, Yandex also has operational offices outside Russia, to be precise in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey. This company has also been listed on the Nasdaq, the New York stock exchange since 2011.

History of Yandex

Yandex’s history dates back to the early 1990s, long before the company was founded. At that time, Yandex had started to provide search services even locally. Gradually, Yandex began to develop its line of business, so it didn’t just rely on the search engine business. For example, serving contextual ads for products and services based on user searches on the Yandex search engine.

This apparently worked and made Yandex even more popular. In fact, it is the largest search engine for text-based ad placement in Russia. After that, Yandex continued to add business lines so that the company’s revenue also increased until it finally took the floor on the Nasdaq.

How it Works and Features of Yandex

How, then, does the Yandex search engine work? Let’s get to know what is the Russian search engine Yandex? Information on the Yandex search engine was originally local, but has now gone global. Yandex also offers recommendations or suggestions based on things you’ve searched for on their search engine.

Yandex claims to use world-class technology to provide services on their search engine. Apart from that, they also use their own machine learning method called MatrixNet. The Yandex search engine service provides various search features, for example using text or voice. Meanwhile, search result features include games, images, videos, e-mail, maps, and translations.

By connecting your e-mail to Yandex, you can add various information obtained digitally to be directly entered and stored in the user’s e-mail. For example, after ordering tickets, meeting invitations, product discount information, and more.

Thus information about getting to know what Yandex is the Russian search engine? Hope it is useful.